Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Things You Absolutely Shouldn't do Until the Last Month of Pregnancy

1. Start assembling your nursery. Because putting together a cheap cube organizer from Target with raging pregnancy horomones and a huge belly will not result in cursing and tears. 
2. Go to Sam's Club, by yourself. It's great exercise pushing a giant heavy cart around a warehouse. 
3. Pay for something really expensive like your dogs surgery. There's no better time to be completely broke than right before having a baby. 
4. Get in a minor car accident. Insurance agents are so comforting and nice to talk to. 
5. Pin a lot of freezer meal recipes but don't make any of them! 
6. Start reading the baby books that have been sitting on your shelf. Procrastination is always the best way. 
7. Google what a birth plan is. 

Disclaimer: This post is extremely sarcastic (shocking) and an attempt to make light of my bad luck and lack of preparation. I really am quite excited for my little one to make her arrival, and I'm sure my lack of freezer meals will not be the end of the world. :) I am actually very confident in my role as a mother, I just find it humorous when I read other "last month of pregnancy to do lists" and they include luxuries such as getting a mani-pedi... 😂😂😂 HILARIOUS. 

Thanks for reading :) 

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