Sunday, February 8, 2015

Never flying again, ever.

Today I am flying home with my dog. We are going to Washington for a couple months to be with family while Keegan is deployed. I made all the travel arrangements. I called Delta about a million times to make sure I had everything I needed and that they knew the dog was coming. Relax, customer service lady told me. Everything will be fine. I got the special kennel, I took him to the vet to get a health certificate, I took care of everything. Sounds easy enough, right? Well. My friend drops me off. I walk up to the counter. And the middle aged balding scruffy man working says, uhhhh you might want to tell her not to leave, we can't accept your dog. I get hysterical of course.. I'm like what are you talking about, I called weeks ago, blah blah blah... And basically he said they did not have room for the dog, there was no other flights tonight, so we would have to look at rebooking. I tell him to move some damn cargo, I'm getting on that flight. He says no, you're not. I tell him to go to hell and walk out. I know, not my finest moment. We will just blame it on the pregnancy hormones. SO. I'm sitting outside the airport bawling with a dog, a kennel, and a suitcase. I call delta and the lady did not like my use of the "f" word and basically made me feel like the idiot even though I did nothing wrong. I then called cargo, who said the dog should have been booked with them and wasn't, even though after calling delta to confirm my reservation previously, NO ONE mentioned that. That idiot told me to call customer service again, and THAT idiot told me to call cargo!! I was about to give up and just go home, but I decided I would give it one more try. So I called cargo and a very nice English speaking woman answered and she called the front desk people at this airport and talked to them, and basically convinced them to get me AND my dog rescheduled tonight, with free boarding at a kennel for the dog tonight since I'll have to stay in a hotel. So then this lady comes out and helps me bring all my stuff in and apologizes for how the situation was handled. She  rebooked me, and made sure my dog would get to Portland. She had no idea what she was doing and had to call like a million people but she was so nice and she made the best attempt to do something she had never done before. I'm not entirely thrilled becuase I have to stay in a hotel by myself tonight in Atlanta, they didn't give me a voucher so that's coming out of my pocket, but... I'm going home. I wish I was 100% sure my dog is gonna get there but let's just keep fingers crossed. And I have to say I normally love Delta.. But I was very disappointed today with the customer service I received. I travel A LOT and I honestly don't want to give them my business anymore. And chubby scruffy man?? What I said before still stands. I hope you get what you deserve.